Smart announced the Unli Data promo, can redeem via Gigalife points

Smart announced that UNLI DATA may be redeemed using points. The deal starts at UNLI DATA 249 for 3 days of unlimited data access, UNLI DATA 499 for 7 days of unlimited data access, and UNLI DATA 1499 for 30 days of unlimited data access.

Here’s the list of Unli Data can redeem via points:

  • UNLI DATA 249 valid for 3 days = 249 points
  • UNLI DATA 499 valid for 7 days = 499 points
  • UNLI DATA 1499 valid for 30 days = 1,499 points

How to redeem?

To redeem, open your GigaLife app go to redeem points system, make sure you have enough points to redeem the promo.

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