Gmail App is getting a lot of new features for iPhone and Android users

If you use the Gmail App on your Apple iPhone, you’re in for a huge upgrade. Google Chat app integration is now available in the Gmail App, which can be used with Mail, Meet, and Space, all of which already have the Gmail App. This chat messaging service is also only available in the United States. You can use Mail, Meet, and Space, which are already in the Gmail App.

This chat messaging service was previously only available to Google Workspace users, but it is now available to all personal accounts. This means that the Gmail App on the iPhone and iPad will now have four tabs Gmail, Chat, Meet, and Rooms, this chat option is available on the iPhone, but it is not available on Android devices using the same Google Account. Hopefully, Android users will be able to enjoy this feature soon. Google is on the verge of making this change. The company already has a chat program called Hangouts, which will be phased out shortly.

The first step is to enable this chat feature in the Gmail app on your iPhone or Android phone. To begin, check to see if you have the most recent version of the Gmail App if not, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the most recent version. The Gmail App is now available open the sandwich menu in the top left corner of the screen and press it. Now some choices will be presented. Scroll down to Settings and choose Personal Google Account. Toggle the chat early access must be enable. There will be four tabs in the new Gmail app, as well as a unique style chatbox.

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