Improve your Data, Wifi Connection using Private DNS Provider

This tips is also available for Android 9 devices to a higher version and also selected model device.

Here are Tips to increase or improve your Data/Wifi connection and secure your connection.

Follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to your phone settings search “Private DNS Provider,” then proceed.
  2. Click or select the “Private DNS Provider.”
  3. You can choose your Provider DNS Hostname below.
  4. Input your selected DNS Provider, then save.

Here’s the list of DNS server:

  • Cloudflare DNS: (Improves your Network & Unblocks some Websites)
  • Google Public DNS: (Improves your Network & Security)
  • Quad9 DNS: (Improves your Network & Security)

To find out if working, the DNS hostname you entered should appear on your notification bar.

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